Alex White-Mazzarella engages his viewers through spontaneously combining color, line and motion to explore and transcend our world and culture through a conceptual imagination. His constant mix of media is fundamental to the creation of intense, expressive work that pushes past the materials used, and into an observation of the age, world and reality in which we exist.

Mr. White-Mazzarella was born in Boston in 1979 and moved to New York in 2008.  In between he lived in China, Spain and Italy.  He currently studies under Hugo Bastidas and Larry Poons at the Art Students League, and works alongside the acclaimed Paul Richard in his Brooklyn studio.  He recently started exhibiting his work after being discovered by Richard Temperio of Sideshow Gallery in Brooklyn. This year he was featured in Art in Brooklyn as a promising emerging artist.


Alex White-Mazzarelli "El Bicho"  "El Bicho"
Painting, 2009.
Acrylic and oil pastel on wood.
14.5" x 11"
Alex White-Mazzarelli "Ancestry"  "Ancestry"
Painting, 2009.
Ink, acrylic, oil pastel, wall paint on watercolor paper.
22" x 30"
Alex White-Mazzarelli "From the Depths of Imagination" "Beware of Chinatown"
Mixed media painting, 2009.
Oil pastel, acrylic, oil paint, charcoal and wall paint.
46 " x 46"
Alex White-Mazzarelli "Navigation Arf"  "Navigation Arf"
Mixed media painting, 2009.
Acrylic, oil pastel, wall paint, collage and pencil on canvas.
48 " x 36"
Alex White-Mazzarelli "Rufus" "Rufus"
Mixed media painting, 2009.
Acrylic, oil pastel and wall paint on wood.
18 " x 24"
Alex White-Mazzarelli "Water Tower Terrestrial" "Water Tower Terrestrial"
Mixed media painting, 2009.
Acrylic, oil pastel and pencil on wood.
36 " x 18"