Clairan Ferrono was born and raised in New York. She was educated at Syracuse University, Oxford, and the University of Chicago. Clairan creates fiber collages and drawings by piecing, fusing, stitching and quilting both commercial cloth and fabric she has dyed, painted, discharged or printed by hand. For the past eight years her work has been extensively shown locally and throughout the Midwest, and, more recently, has received both national and international recognition. In 2004 she received a grant award from the IL Chapter of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. In 2007 her work was chosen to hang in the American Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire. In 2009 her work was shown in an international invitational exhibit in Taiwan.

Clairan Ferrono is now a full time studio artist living in Chicago. She works by creating spontaneously, from an emotional, rather than an intellectual, center. Clairan notes that with this approach, she is continually surprised, intrigued and often delighted, by the results. Those who view her art will certainly concur.


Clarion Ferrono "Runs Through It"  "Runs Through It"
Fiber Art.
21" x 27", Brown Studies.
Clarion Ferrono "Figure Study I"  "Figure Study I"
Fiber Art.
29" x 22.5"
Clarion Ferrono "Figure Study II" "Figure Study II"
Fiber Art.
33.5" x 32"
Clarion Ferrono "Fields Web"  "Fields Web"
Fiber Art.
42" x 42"
Clarion Ferrono "Paintbox" "Paintbox"
Fiber Art.
29" x 41", Windows Series.
Clarion Ferrono "Mr. Dickens' Christmas" "Mr. Dickens' Christmas"
Fiber Art.
9.5" x 18", Windows Series.