Born in Memphis, Tennessee into a family of eight children, Darrell Jones began his art career at an early age. It was during his senior year at Jackson State University, in Mississippi, that Jones studied painting and became seriously interested in animation. When Jones moved to L.A. he began to meld the two mediums – the storyboard camera angles and sketches of animation with the vibrant colors and abstract shapes of painting. His work successfully fuses playful scenes with creative angles and colors to fully draw the viewer into each and every piece. Jones currently lives and works in Forest Park, Georgia.


Darrell Jones "Shoes" 

Painting 2007.
Acrylic on wood.
19.5" x 39", signed.


Darrell Jones "Oranges" 

Painting 2007.
Acrylic on wood.
Set of 3, measurements, from left to right:
12.75"x10", 9.75"x10", 11.75"x10", all signed.


Darrell Jones "Green House"

"Green House"
Painting 2006.
Acrylic on wood.
30" x 36", signed.


Darrell Jones "The Practice" 

"The Practice"
Painting 2008.
Acrylic on wood.
26" x 29", signed.


Darell Jones "Pink Sofa"

"Pink Sofa"
Painting 2009.
Acrylic on wood.
25" x 38", signed.