Mary Sonya Conti’s work reflects the emotional art of living - air, water, sunshine, earth, the fruits of life and the loved ones that are the inspiration in her world. She has developed her own painterly expression that is mainly water based and her mixed media and collage work utilize natural and organic materials pressed, dried and removed from acrylic inks. She teaches workshops in mixed media techniques and has studied under Don Andrews, Trish Mckinney and Stephen Blackburn. Sonya lives and works in Ohio.


Mary Sonya Conti "Giving Tree" "Giving Tree"
Painting 2009.
Watercolor with high gloss finish.
7" x 5", signed. Black wood frame.
Mary Sonya Conti "Evening Light" "Evening Light"
Mixed media 2008.
Acrylic inks, watercolor, gouache with high gloss finish. Autumn leaves.
15" x 22.5" x 1", signed. Gold wood frame.
Mary Sonya Conti "The Patriot Return" "The Patriot Return"
Painting 2009.
Watercolor. Angel Escort.
11" x 8", signed. Black wood frame.
All proceeds will go to the Veteran's Society.
Mary Sonya Conti "Home Comfort on Riviera" "Home Comfort on Riviera"
Painting 2009.
Mixed medis with high gloss finish.
42" x 26", signed. Black wood frame.