Visibility is the name of the game in the art world. As an artist, if you cannot showcase your work, you cannot sell your art!

ArtistsinAuction offers an opportunity for talented, emerging artists to bypass the exclusivity of the gallery world and to gain the exposure crucial to sell work. By spreading the word among numerous online art networks and collectors groups, as well as tapping into the vast online buying community as a whole, we provide the ability for your work to effectively reach the public eye. You also retain a greater share of the sales price for your work, since our commissions are markedly lower than those taken by galleries.

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Mary Sonya Conti to ArtistsinAuction on LinkedIn (April 21, 2009):
Heading: This is my first Auction experience.
"Cheryl Peress not only responded quickly to my inquiry; her guidance in formatting the work and getting it prepared for the online catalog for the Auction was exceptional. As an advocate; she worked right up to the deadline on a Sunday evening to get the work prepared and in place before the Monday viewing. This task is not wrapped in a casual attitude. It is an intricate part of "showing" ones artwork. The more detail and higher the resolution the better it will be for the client to "make a decision" on the work with it being presented as in real life. Cheryl and Leslie have put together the opportunity to debut and market beyond the search engine online. I Can only imagine the work necessary to co-ordinate this type of venture. Am pleased also to report that have three pending bids my own artwork inventory. The experience is exciting and it's through Cheryl Peress and Leslie Chasen's efforts that exposure comes home to this the Artist. Thank you both for the opportunity.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

PG (collector) to Mary Sonya Conti (participating artist):
Subject: Your devoted collector
"OMG, these two painting are stunning. The 12 Watercolor is so much more beautiful than I thought, and the Hosta is astounding. How did you make the colors so vivid? The over-gloss is amazing and quite a surprise. I thought your work was gorgeous online, but in person it is just overwhelming. I just moved from NY and wanted a painting or two by a heartland painter. Just wonderful. Thank you so much."

Hena Tayeb (artist from past auction) to ArtistsinAuction:
"I was surprised by the personal one on one service provided by the ArtistsinAuction team. I didn’t have to worry about a thing; they took care of it all. Even shipping. Hope to work with them again."

Sean Parrott (artist) to ArtistsinAuction:
"I will always be grateful to ArtistinAuction for helping to open up my work to a market I might not otherwise have had as an emerging artist. Working with Cheryl an Leslie has been such a pleasure as I know that they truly started this business because of their love for the arts. It is wonderful as an artist to be able to leave the business end to someone else so that I can focus on my painting!"

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